Magical tool to Import/Add Images in EVE-NG.


Python must be installed in the system.(Recommended: Windows Store – Download)
(reboot the machine if you installed python using .exe file.)

Imagekit Mirror 1 Google Drive (Windows 10 Only)

Imagekit Mirror 2 Google Drive (Windows 10 Only)


Python must be installed from official site.(Download)

Download Mirror 1 Google Drive (macOS Only)

Download Mirror 1 Google Drive (Newer Versions of macOS)

“It will take time to initiate for the first time users and You will have to run “Imagekit.command” two times.”



  1. wow! i am loving this! thanks for the share, you are doing amazing work.

  2. I get “Windows cannot find python” even though it is installed

    • admin Reply

      Hi there,
      Please install python using Windows Store and reboot your pc. And try again. You are having problem because PIP(3) is not detected. pip command must be recognize by cmd prompt or powershell.

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